Big Data/Hadoop

Whatever your Big Data challenges are, Hopkins Software will provide you the strategic guidance and technical expertise to succeed. With proven expertise in mature Big Data technologies and thought leadership in rapidly emerging Big data technologies, our team of senior-level consultants will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data, enabling you to make better decisions faster than ever before.

We provide effective professional services to help companies develop execute and sustain business and technical growth. Leveraging our global resources, our Mission is to help you achieve long-term business success.

Having all the data points is only the first step. The thing about big data is… it’s really big. We make all of that data make sense in a way that tells you what you really need to know. Having the right perspective and insight on your big data is what transforms your data from overwhelming to value-proposition-driving information.

Deriving actionable insights from Big Data to facilitate business decision-making in real time is what delivers the greatest value for companies. While many companies have achieved the basics in terms of data management and analytics, fewer have been able to put the processes and tools in place for utilizing analytics to elevate the value delivered to customers and inform their digital transformation initiatives.